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 Online 1:1 Wellness Coaching from anywhere in the world 

Hi, I'm Rebecca  



I help women amplify their wellness and confidence.

I'm here to support you as you strengthen your Heroine Mindset and practice the daily habits that help you to grow and glow.

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 Welcome to Wellness Coaching 

Wellness Coaching helps you develop the healthy mindset and daily habits that support you to feel vital and alive.  It's intention is to amplify your total wellness. 


Physical vibrancy.  Mental clarity.  Emotional resilience.   

With a foundation of positive psychology and life coaching, Wellness Coaching encourages you to optimize your well-being, and sets you in an upward spiral towards"flourishing."  This is the state of being where you feel nourished, supported, and inspired to do your life's workIt puts you firmly in the role of leader and heroine in your life.   

Wellness Coaching is simple but effective.  As your coach I ask curious and powerful questions to help you cultivate self-awareness.  I serve as your mirror as you take responsibility for your life and wellness and who you are being and becoming.  Wellness Coaching is for you if you're ready to: 

Nourish your body and love the skin you're in.

Organise your mind and find greater ease.

Simplify your life and make self-care a priority.

Master your stress and find emotional steadiness.

Cultivate authentic self-confidence. 

Own and share your gifts.

Grow, evolve and bloom.

 How it works 

Wellness Coaching is fun and empowering.  We will meet once a fortnight on an online video call using Zoom Video.  Singapore clients, you have the option for in-person coaching.   It's my job as your coach to help you see your blind-spots, as well as your incredible potential.  I'm here to support you as you create and practice the mindset and daily habits that will amplify your wellness - and boost your energy and sense of ease. 

You can follow my program outline, or decide which topics are most important for you to focus on.  Everyone is beautifully unique.  Transformation is most likely to  occur when it's self-directed, and you're really ready to make changes.  Your results will depend on your attitude and efforts.  As your coach, I'm here to support your growth and evolution.  I think it's the best job in the world.

In between sessions I will provide you with at home exercises and wellness resources to keep you inspired, learning, and moving forward on your journey.    


What clients are saying:

Shabnam, Singapore

You'll receive:

6 x Private 60 minute coaching sessions.

At home study and action steps to keep you moving forward. 

Stellar wellness resources to help develop your

Heroine Mindset and Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Unlimited email support.

Accountability and encouragement.

A 15% discount to further coaching with me.  My advanced program Essential Evolution is coming soon!

It's time to flourish.


Enroll in my 90 Day Wellness Reset Program


Let's get you started!

 Wellness Reset 

 90 Day Program 

6 x 1 hour private coaching sessions & additional resources and support

US $465

 Wellness Boost 

3 x 1 hour private coaching sessions & email follow-up

US $285

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Once payment is confirmed, you will be sent my personal Calendly link to book in your sessions, at a time convenient to you. 

Wanting to discover more about how Wellness Coaching can help you live your healthiest happiest life?  Let's chat!

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+65 8233 3448

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