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 Uplifting others is

 my superpower.  

We're in this together.


I'm right there beside you, offering a balance of gentle encouragement and challenge.  


It's my job to help you make the positive changes that will amplify your wellness.

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I'm Rebecca.

I'm a Certified Life & Wellness Coach, a mother, and a seeker.    


I've lived in 3 continents over the last 5 years, and am becoming masterful at living lightly, and feeling well and at home wherever I find myself.  I've ditched the tag of trailing spouse, and am embracing a purpose that lights me up.  I'm devoted to helping women of the world feel well and flourish.


To grow well or luxuriantly; thrive.


My role as a Life & Wellness Coach is to support you to feel physically vibrant, mentally clear and calm, and emotionally resilient.  

I'm a down to earth Aussie girl, and happy to share my story with you.


I currently live between Sydney and Singapore, with my big and little man, and fur-baby Mei Mei.  We're working and saving hard to realise our dream.  To live a simple soulful life in a small Euro town.   Fresh air & nature, nourishing food, sunshine, time to connect and explore, work that lights us up.  Yes.  I'm a big believer in having an inspiring vision, and going after it.  

That's the big dream.  The real daily work is this:

To be steady, kind, and calm.

To myself & others.

I've spent the last few years learning, practicing and refining the habits and tools that help me to feel energised and easeful.  After much trial and error, and more than a few meltdowns, I've come to know what works for me.  There'll always be challenges that arise (life!) and I find that I'm better able to navigate them gracefully when I'm feeling nourished, fit and well rested.  


  As a partner, I'm working towards being steady and supportive.  As a mother, I want my son growing up seeing a confident woman who walks her talk.  I still sometimes lose my cool, but in those moments - I'm practicing how to soothe and uplift myself, then bounce back quickly.  #workinprogress

What we practice grows stronger.


The more women I speak to, the more I realise we're all seeking healthier ways to soothe and uplift ourselves when we're going through something uncomfortable. Be it a tricky moment, or a challenging season of life. 

Having a Heroine Mindset and a set of go-to supportive tools to use in those moments of discomfort is life-changing.

I know what it's like to navigate self-doubt and cheeky hormones, while balancing family and career.  As women, every day is different.    


Once we give ourselves permission to be both magnificent and messy, the real evolution begins.


We can show ourselves the kindness and gentle encouragement we need to thrive. 


Inner support.  Moment to moment.  


That's my definition of self care. 

Are you ready to start taking better care of yourself?

Click below to book in a free 30 minute Clarity Call.  Let's chat.

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