Uplifting others is

 my superpower  

I'm here to support you to feel healthy, whole and fulfilled.

To reassure you it's ok to be magnificent and also a messy work in progress.

 To remind you that you're more than enough, and your evolution matters.


I'm Rebecca.

I'm a Life & Wellness Coach, a mother, and a romantic seeker. I've lived in 3 continents over the last 5 years, and am becoming masterful at creating a beautiful life and feeling well and at home wherever I find myself.  I'm devoted to practicing and sharing the mindset and lifestyle habits that support us women  to feel healthy, whole and fulfilled.   


Creating an optimal state of wellness allows us to flourish.  This is when we feel inspired and supported to do our life's work and reach our highest potential. 


This concept of flourishing was coined by the godfather of positive psychology Martin Seligman, who designed the acronym PERMA to describe the five components of flourishing.


Positive emotion






My role as a Life & Wellness Coach is to help support you to feel physically vibrant, mentally clear and calm, and emotionally resilient.  

I'm a down to earth Aussie girl, and happy to share my story with you.


I currently live in Sydney, Australia with my big and little man - and we're working and saving hard to realise our dream.  To live a simple soulful life in a small European town.   Fresh air & nature, nourishing food, sunshine, time to connect and explore, work that lights us up.  Yes.  I'm a big believer in having a dream, and going after it.  

I love kind people and dark chocolate.  I have a wicked sense of humour, and people tell me I make them feel at ease.  I love family time, and also pursuing my solo passions.  I believe a good balance of both is essential to feeling well. For me, there's nothing better than helping someone see and remember their own magnificence.  


Since being diagnosed with PMDD - a severe form of PMS that 3-8% of women live with, I've been on a journey to discover the wellness tools and practices to help myself feel better.  Being consistent with these healthy habits continues to challenge and inspire me.  Through devoted daily practice of doing the simple things that help a lot, I'm learning how to stay buoyant and bounce back up when life (or my cycle) gets me down.  

My moment to moment self-care is the foundation of my wellness, and nurtures the health and happiness of my family.  As a partner, I'm working towards being steady, strong and supportive.  As a mother, I want my son growing up seeing a woman who is conscious, confident, kind and calm.  I still occasionally lose my cool,  but am coming closer to finding and maintaining my equanimity.  It's a daily practice.  Sometimes your mess becomes your message.   

The more women I speak to, the more I realise we're all seeking healthier ways to soothe and uplift ourselves when we're going through something uncomfortable. Be it a tricky moment, or a challenging season of life.  Having a Heroine Mindset and a set of go-to supportive tools to use in those moments of discomfort is life-changing.


Once we're able to see our negative thought loops and self-sabotaging habits - we can begin to release them and create more nourishing beliefs and behaviours that will support us to feel well and flourish.


I know that my calling is to help women simplify, slow down and practice mindful wellness.

To help us all...

Think with Lightness

Eat with Kindness

Move with Freedom

Live with Ease

 Are you ready to take the reins, and begin the journey? 

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