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Let yourself rest

I wanted to send a little note today to let you know what I'm embracing with open arms right now...


YES. About time. After seven weeks of Man being away, and working full-time while solo parenting, this mama was a teeny bit tired. And snappy, and irritable. That pace of life was not sustainable. For my nervous system anyway! Even with all the hacks I'd put in place - meditating on the bus, lunchboxes the night before, boundaries around bedtime. They help, don't get me wrong - but they're no replacement for what those lovely Italians call...

Dolce far niente. The sweetness of doing nothing.

This weekend with the boys away, I've given myself full permission to just chill. There's been a lot of lounging, cat cuddles, stretching, tea, reading, faffing, more tea.

So healing.

Listening to a podcast yesterday, I discovered the most beautiful poem, A Blessing for One who is Exhausted, by John O'Donohue. The whole thing is gorgeous, but here are a few snippets that really spoke to me...

You have been forced to enter empty time. The desire that drove you has relinquished. There is nothing else to do now but rest And patiently learn to receive the self You have forsaken in the rush of days.
Take refuge in your senses, open up To all the small miracles you rushed through. - Be excessively gentle with yourself.
Stay clear of those vexed in spirit, Learn to linger around someone of ease Who feels they have all the time in the world.
Gradually, you will return to yourself, Having learned a new respect for your heart And the joy that dwells far within slow time.

Share this with someone that you know needs to give themselves permission to rest right now. Or maybe just keep it close, for those days you need the gentle reminder. I always love hearing how you're going, and what's helping you to feel well. If you're interested to know more about coaching with me, I'd love to support you. Click here to know more, or here to book your next session. I've streamlined my booking system with Paperbell, ahhh a whole new world of simplicity. Enjoy your Sunday. Love,


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