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Meditation. The sweetness that comes from doing nothing.

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

“There are thousands of good reasons to meditate, and no good ones not to.” Yogarupa Rod Stryker

There are so many things to be said about the benefits of meditation. You know it and I know it. I’ll keep it simple by just saying:

It creates coherence in the brain, and steadiness in the mind

It relaxes the body and calms the nervous system

It cultivates compassion in the heart

It connects us with the deepest and truest part of ourselves

It helps up to feel grounded and at ease within ourselves and in the world

So much of our day is spent with our mind and body in different places, which can be exhausting. Meditation allows us to catch our breath, gather together our scattered attention and energy, and enjoy the peace that comes from being right where you are. Giving yourself permission to simply BE is essential for feeling well.

Meditation is not the extra thing you do when you have some time left over. Make it a priority and see how everything improves.

Meditation keeps me sane and makes me a nicer person. It helps me to be more calm and less cuckoo. I remember those days before I started meditating... being flung around by erratic emotions and mood swings… no thank you! I find it to be the most effective practice that helps me to feel more at ease with myself. When I sit daily, I notice I’m more steady, less impulsive and reactive, and feel more grounded and able to handle whatever unfolds throughout the day.

I still have a fiery temper at times - but meditation helps a lot to manage my volatility. It’s taken some time to get to this point - but I also feel aware of a greater power that is within and around me - always present, and supporting my highest good.

Starting a meditation practice doesn’t have to be daunting. Like with creating any new habit - it may feel strange and uncomfortable at first. Like a new shoe! This will soon pass if you stay consistent, and make it familiar. Keep it simple. Make it enjoyable. Choose a time of day that you can commit to, and schedule it. Reward yourself when you do it (if you need the external motivation). Start small, and track your progress.

In this society of noise, speed and distraction - I find meditation to be the most delicious and luxurious essential treat. As the Italians say… dolce far niente. The sweetness that comes from doing nothing. Blissful.

Find a style and teacher that resonates with you. It’s such a personal thing, and such fun to explore what’s out there. The best advice I can offer is, with whatever style of meditation you choose to practice: be curious, be at ease, have fun with it - and don’t try to make anything happen. Be effortless. Be soft. Be in your body. Follow your breath. Take it lightly. Surrender.

Here are a few of my favourite teachers/apps to help get you started, or to support you on your journey:

Sarah Blondin

Her beautiful #liveawake meditations are stunning. “Surrender’ is my favourite and often included in my bedtime routine.

David Ji

His voice. Like honey.

Tara Brach

Lovely simple vipassana meditations and talks on mindfulness.

Rod Stryker

I love his Yoga Nidra practices, and often fall asleep with his smooth reassuring voice in my ears. His beautiful app Sanctuary has great free meditations, here is one also on youtube:




ps - Are you wanting to reduce anxiety and amplify ease? Let's chat. Click here to book in a free Clarity Call to see how Wellness Coaching can support you.

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