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Micro shifts and tiny steps

“When making plans, think big. When making progress, think small." - James Clear

I'm someone that gets excited by making big dramatic life changes. Creating a vivid romantic vision of an ideal life comes easily to me. What I'm less good at, is following through with the action steps. You know, the real work, that icky harder boring bit. Gah!

In the past, I've set grand goals for myself, only to lose my mojo soon after. They were always focused on the outcome, which was usually outside my control. I'd be overly ambitious as to what I was asking of myself, then become disheartened with my lack of results. My intention to grow and change was good, but my strategy sucked.

Too much too soon = overwhelm.

Since becoming a coach, and helping clients (and myself) move towards meaningful goals, I've discovered there's another more sustainable and joyful way to change and grow:

Are you ready for it?

Small. Steady. Steps.

Showing up consistently over a period of time equals organic transformation. When you scale down your action steps, and make them tiny habits, momentum builds. A little each day is the real revolution.

Start small.

Master that.

THEN build.

Can you start with flossing one tooth?

Can you shift your bedtime earlier by 5 mins?

Can you just prep your workout gear - even if you're not ready to put it on yet?

Can you sit quietly for one minute?

"Think of microshifts as tiny increments of change in your day to day life. A microshift is changing what you eat for one part of one meal just one time. Then it's doing that a second time and a third. Before you even realise what's happening, you've adopted a new pattern of behaviour. " - Brianna Weist

Lately, I've been focusing on the process, and taking delight in moving slowly but steadily in the desired direction. The feeling is dramatically different. The pressure is off to achieve and accomplish, and I'm realising that:

The practice is the path.

The process is the way.

Growth is the only goal.

That feels fabulously freeing and empowering - because showing up and your effort and commitment is 100% in your control.

No matter how small it seems at first.

1 deep breath.

1 sit-up.

1 sentence on your blog.

1 job application.


Increase when ready.

It's all moving you forward. Just keep going. Momentum will build. Magic will happen.

Do you know that accountability is a major factor for success in creating behaviour change?

Knowing someone is there with you and for you:

Holding the vision

Checking in

Keeping you accountable to the promises you make to yourself

Celebrating with you when you show up, and gently guiding you back on course when you don't.

I'm ready to support you make those changes you know will help you to feel well.

Are you?

You can find out more about Wellness Coaching with me here, and book in a free Clarity Call here.

For my existing clients - I'll see you soon on Zoom. Ping me if you need your Paperbell VIP Link resent for booking.



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