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No rain, no flowers.

It's been an insane few days of wild weather here in Sydney. Torrential downpours, gale-force winds, and we're all bunkering down until it passes. I love the rain! When I'm cosy inside that is. Being outside in the wet is something I avoid like the plague.

Up the cost visiting family, Roman and I had to brave the elements and head back to the city on public transport for his weekly Mandarin class. I left plenty of time in case of delays, which sure enough - there were!

Arriving at the train station, there was announcements that trains to Sydney were running 30 mins late. GREAT. Internal eye roll.

A wet platform, a Goblin, and a long wait.

While I was grumbling, and wishing the minutes would fly by, he was already thinking of games we could play with our extra time.

Goblin: Eye spy with my little eye..... something beginning with.... R.

Me: Road?

Goblin: No. I'll tell you. Roof.

Me: Roof! Good one. Thank goodness for the roof that's keeping us dry.

This mini moment of gratitude, slapped me back into awareness. Yes we are lucky to have shelter from the rain. The game went on, and as it did - I started to really enjoy it. As I played with him, I remembered something my yoga teacher once said in class, that's always stuck with me:

Life is either an ordeal, or an adventure. You decide.

There were further surprises to be had when we arrived at our interchange.

Announcement for all passengers: Due to trackwork, buses are replacing trains on the North Shore line.

OF COURSE THEY ARE! Universe are you testing me???

So we boarded the bus, which was freezing as the air con was blasting. Luckily, I had a scarf in my bag, so I draped it around both of us and we snuggled up. Very Hygge. Cosy cuddles in the backseat, giggles and nonsense, good times. Funnily, it was the same scarf that I used to bundle him up in as a baby.

"Mummy I love you more than if I was to be an astronaut, and go to Mars with all my friends."

I've noticed that when I allow myself to put my phone down, drop my agenda, planning, and the adult stuff - and just be in the moment with him, the most wonderful moments like this occur.

Play. Fun. Joy. Connection.

We arrived at our destination, and the weather had worsened. Sideways rain and blustery winds. I was seeing people struggling with umbrellas, that would suddenly go WOOSH and transform into a tulip. Ha! Oh dear... I grabbed his hand, we navigated the downpour and the slippery sidewalk, clinging to each other, and laughing like crazy as we did. It was brilliant.

When I look back, some of the moments when I've felt most alive, have been times where I've had to run in the rain, literally.

I still remember that soggy, saturated and gasping for breath exhilaration many years later. Similarly, those seasons of life that have been difficult, have also been times of great growth. Even if it didn't feel like it at the time. Like the bamboo plant that takes up to five years growing underground before it sprouts through the soil. We're growing when we don't even know it.

We're currently in one of those underground bamboo seasons of life. Putting our heads down, and working very hard to realise a big goal. Some days, it takes a lot of energy, focus and grit to keep on going. It often feels awkward and uncomfortable. We can get a bit too serious and intense about where we're going, and forget to enjoy the ride. Days like yesterday remind me that even while we're deep in the work of getting to our destination - having fun along the way IS the whole point.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.

If it never rains, we'll never grow.

Think about a situation in your life that feels challenging right now.

What is it helping you to learn?

Who is it asking you to be?

What is it asking you to do?

How is it helping you to grow?

I'd love to explore this deeper with you in a 1:1 Coaching Session. Sometimes, an unbiased ear, and a fresh perspective can be just the thing that's needed to get you moving forward with hope and optimism.

You can find out more about Wellness Coaching with me here, and book in a free Clarity Call here.

For my existing clients - I'll see you soon on Zoom. Ping me if you need your Paperbell VIP Link resent for booking.



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