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Soul Food. Be fed by all of life.

What's lighting you up today?

As an introvert, I really appreciate quiet time, a spacious schedule, and being able to fill up on primary or soul food.

This is the nourishment that comes from beauty, nature, movement, music, art, connection, friendship, joyful experiences - all that satisfies your hunger for life. I feel well rested and renewed. It's a nice feeling.

Do you have those special people in your life that you're just drawn to on a deep level? The ones that even if they're new friends, you just click with from the get-go. You bypass the small talk, and dive straight into the meaningful juicy stuff.

I call these dear friends my Soul Family. The connection with them is effortless and enriching. You feel seen, accepted and loved - just for being you.

During the week I caught up with two of these beauties, and the time spent in their company left me feeling supported, inspired and uplifted. It's so important to create and nurture connections with people who bring out the best in you. They're your allies and companions, journeying with you on your purposeful path. It's great if they can also spot your nonsense, and call you out when you're being a twat!

it's the friends who help you realign with your original mission and values that make a substantial difference in your life.

sometimes it just takes one conversation with someone who is radiantly authentic to reignite your fire and help you get back on the right path

yung pueblo

Saturday was one of those green light days, where everything just flowed. I'd planned a Soul Sister (SS for future ease) date, and it was sublime. On the ferry ride into the city, I was enjoying the scenery and reading a book gifted from another SS - thank you darrrrling! When I looked at my phone to check the time I saw 11:11 winking back at me. Of course! I met my SS at the steps of the Opera House, and with the winter sunshine on our backs, we wandered through the Botanic Gardens. It was luxe to know we had hours stretching out before us, with nowhere else to rush off to. I'm still laughing as I remember an alfresco coffee break being punctuated by a pesky Ibis, who was a little too interested in our croissants. Shoo!

As serendipity would have it, it was the opening day of the Hilda af Klint exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I studied art at University, but hadn't heard of Hilda before. Have you? Well, let me fill you in... so interesting.

Hilma af Klint (Sweden 1862–1944) Group IX/SUW, The swan, no 12 1915. oil on canvas, 151.5 x 151 cm.

Hilda af Klint was a Swedish painter, working in Europe in the early 1900's. She was an artist concerned with nature, science and the spiritual realms. Her work was avant garde, bold, graphic and daring for the time. She was aware that viewers weren't yet ready to receive her paintings, so she instructed them to be kept secret, until 20 years after her death in 1944. Only in recent times have her radiant works received the recognition they deserve.

From the AGNSW introduction to the exhibition:

No one had created paintings like hers before – so monumental in scale, with such radiant colour combinations, enigmatic symbols and other-worldly shapes. In an era of limited creative freedom for women, her paintings became an outlet for her exceptional intelligence, spiritual quest and ground-breaking artistic vision.

Her paintings are luminous. The energy emanating from the canvases is serene and settling. Meditative and quite magical.

"Independent, dignified and strong willed, she walked her chartered path through life with an assured gait...She made great demands on herself, conscious of the fact that she bore within her powerful spiritual forces, which shaped her life and suited her to higher tasks."
- Erik af Lint, the artist's nephew

Hilma af Klint Group X, Altarpiece, no 1 1915 HaK187; Group IX/UW Courtesy of the Hilda af Klint Foundation

After the gallery, we popped to DJ's for a plate of delicious pasta and a vino, more deep chats, and a few hearty cackles. As we ended the evening and were saying goodbye, a busking flamenco guitarist had us enthralled with his heart-stirring music. More joyful beauty!

As I headed home, my heart was happy and my soul felt nourished. I finished listening to this incredible podcast with Dr Shefali and Jay Shetty, sent to me by another Soul Sister. It was exactly the truth and wisdom that I needed to hear at that moment.

So lovely one...

What's your soul hungry for?

What's one simple thing you can do to nourish it today?

Who in your soul family are you longing to see or speak to?

If you've been neglecting this softer side of you, don't fret. Coaching can be a great way to reconnect with the essential you, and create the habits that will see you nourishing your soul, daily.

Book in here for a Free Clarity Call. I'd love to help support you become your most luminous and lovely self.

Love, and ta ta for now...


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